Spring has Sprung

Fly-fishing on the Central Coast of California. San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach...

Brian O'Keefe approved bass flies...Tied By Kevin Price

A Note from O'Keefe...

My MAN!!

Your flies saved the day. By far the best peacock bass flies ever.

It was the tandem hook, soft head streamers that killed them.

We did not do very much popper fishing. The bite was subsurface. I did a standard popper with a 3 foot dropper to a 4 inch streamer and that was good for small to medium/2 to 5 pound bass. And lots of them. And, a 4 pound peacock bass is good fun on a 10 weight. 

Eventually all your streamers got eaten up and beat up. The freshwater barracuda and pirana did a number on them. The 'Scum Frog' hooks worked great, probably only a 15% miss rate.

I did have several streamers twist my line from casting and retrieving fast. MAybe a keel of sorts would cure that. Or, in the future, I'll just tie a swivel between my butt section and leader.

Even the gear guys thought your streamers were solid. 

Thanks. Let me know how I can help you market them.


Don't get burned out on weeds

Probably inhaled!

Nice legs!!!!!!!

Custom built top water bass flies by Kevin Price. Fly-fishing in the San Luis Obispo area..........

......results can vary!

Overshadowing presence

Somewhere in the moment...

Pipe down

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