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Fly fishing report Central Coast of California-Lake Santa Margarita July 23rd. 2014 6:02 am...

How to tie Price's Probably Inhaled Frog-not approved by Bill Clinton.

W.G. emailed asking for some instructions on how to tie a super weedless frog on a double hook. In honor of the request: here is the step by step for the "Probably Inhaled".

WARNING: Double hooks are not for kids. Applying above average line speed will help to keep them out of your toupee. Roll strapped with at least a 9wt. if you want to throw a loop. For tippet-just use rope!

Step 1. Use the right hook.

Step 2. Cut piece of tubing and fold in half.

Step 3. Glue hackle feathers into tubing. Colors are up to the angler. I use a combination of three total feathers on each side. If the feathers get torn up or ripped off by a Bass, glue more in. Sometimes I will even just rip them out and change colors for fun.

Step 4. Tie the tubing to the back of the hook...base wrap first doesn't hurt.

Step 5. Tie on a piece of 2mm foam. I made a stencil for this, but others will need to experiment with shapes, size and colors.

Step 6. Measure out and cut a BIG square of 2mm foam. About 1/8 inch past each point and right to the front bend of the hook. Shape and fasten.

Step 7. Add another strip of finely custom shaped foam to the top and glue down.

Step 8. Attach a "shoestring" to hold down the glued foam in place and continue working. Basically, wrap the thread over the top of the foam, between the hooks, underneath...then tie off. Cut it out later. Some will say to pre-glue it...good on ya.

Step 9. Tie in bucktail, craft fur or any other material that makes sense, to both sides of the head securing it towards the bottom of the hook shank. With the weight of two hook points, all non-buoyant material needs to be on the bottom side for the fly to get proper balance and ride hook point up.

Step 10. Add Ice dub as a head. Use a dubbing loop-then brush or pick it out. Slap on a set of eyes. I bought mine here...

Step 11. Coat head and foam with softex. Try not to sniff too much-makes you feel funny.

Step 12. Go get inhaled...

Don't get burned out on weeds

Probably inhaled!

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